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Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Georg Wilhelm Wand
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[Valkenaars, Anna] - [van Moll, Aloysius]
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Valkenaars, Anna
Valkenaars, Jacobus (b. 1776)
Vallender, Adam Josef (b. 7 Aug 1805 - d. 10 Mar 1875)
Vallender, Anna Margaretha (b. 27 Jun 1837 - d. 16 Oct 1897)
van Alphen, Johanna Maria
van Appel, Aaltje (b. 1873)
van Appel, Wijnand
van Arkel, Adrianus Johannes
van Arkel, Catharina (b. Abt 1789 - d. 27 Jul 1848)
van Beck, Doris Ann
van Beebe, Margaretha Jois
van Beers, Anna (b. 21 Feb 1664)
van Beers, Arnoldus
van Beers, Henricus (b. 16 Nov 1662)
van Beers, Johannes
van Beers, Johannes (b. 2 Jul 1655)
van Beest, Benjamin Cornelis (b. 1837)
van Beest, Hendrik
van Berkel, Ans
van Cleef, Arie
van Cleef, Hendricus (b. 1821)
van Daal, Jannetje (b. Abt 1819)
van Daal, Louwinus
van de Bogaert, Maria (b. 1693-1713)
van de Bovenkamp, Geurtje (b. 23 Oct 1835)
van de Bovenkamp, Jan
van de Huijgevoort, Adilia
van de Huijgevoort, Arnoldus (b. Bef 1721 - d. 27 Mar 1789)
van de Huijgevoort, Cornelia
van de Huijgevoort, Egidius
van de Huijgevoort, Guilielma
van de Huijgevoort, Johanna
van de Huijgevoort, Petronilla
van de Huijgevoort, Theodorus
van de Huijgevoort, Wilhelmina (b. 1745)
van de Ven, Arnoldus
van de Ven, Catharina Elisabetha
van de Ven, Cornelius
van de Ven, Geradus
van de Ven, Henricus
van de Ven, Joannes
van de Ven, Maria Elisabetha
van de Ven, Martinus
van de Ven, Martinus Ludovicus
van de Ven, Wilhelmus (d. 14 Jun 1832)
van de Weerdhoff, Neeltje
van Delen, Amanda Christina Francisca (b. 8 May 1845)
van Delen, Antonette Caroline (b. 29 Mar 1850)
van Delen, Carl Adolph Henrich (b. 21 Jan 1843)
van Delen, Carl Louis Albert (b. 1814)
van Delen, Clara Franciska Paneratia (b. 2 Sep 1841)
van Delen, Clara Henriette (b. 3 Oct 1855)
van Delen, Elisabeth Wilhelmina (b. 14 Nov 1847)
van Delen, Henrich Albert Frasnciscus (b. 5 Jul 1852)
van Delen, Sdolph Maria (b. 11 Jun 1859)
van den Berg, Adriana (b. Abt 1831 - d. 6 Jan 1910)
van den Berg, Adrianus Johannes (b. Abt 1808)
van den Berg, Beleke (b. 10 Mar 1824 - d. 20 Mar 1878)
van den Berg, Hendrica
van den Berg, Hendrica (b. Abt 1816)
van den Berg, Hendrik (d. 25 Oct 1873)
van den Berg, Jan Hendrik (b. 4 Nov 1817 - d. 12 Jan 1886)
van den Berg, Rijk
van den Berg, Rijk (b. 4 Sep 1813 - d. 6 Jun 1889)
van den Berg, Willem Marinus (d. 23 Jun 1851)
van den Bergh, Catharina (d. Oct 1682 ?)
van den Bergh, Wilhelmus Walterus
van den Dungen, Maria
van der Beele, Els
van der Geld, Elisabeth
van der Haar, Gerrit
van der Haar, Jannigje (b. 1839)
van der Heiden, Geertruida
van der Heijden, Johannis (b. 1797)
van der Laeck, Joanna Petrus (d. 8 Jun 1740)
van der Laeck, Johanna (d. 22 Dec 1728)
van der Laeck, Johannes
van der Linden, Hendrika Catharina
van der Meij, Swobkje
van der Meij, Zwobkje Romkes
van der Stroom, Johanna
van der Velden, Cornelis
van der Velden, Petronella (d. Unbekannt)
van der Zande, Johanna
van Diijen, Beeleke
van Dijk, Adriana
van Dijk, Cornelia
van Dijk, Gerrigje
van Dijk, Hermanus
van Dijk, Johanna Benjamina (b. 1901)
van Dijk, Johannes (b. 1881)
van Dijk, Pieter (b. 1872)
van Doorn, Adriana (b. 1863)
van Doorn, Antonia (b. 1882)
van Doorn, Jan (b. 1884)
van Doorn, Johannes (b. 1865)
van Doorn, Klaas
van Doorn, Willem (b. 1839)
van Doorn, Willem (b. 1872)
van Dorssen, Adriana Barendina (b. 7 Jan 1888 - d. 24 Feb 1973)
van Dorssen, Jan Hendrik (b. 1863 - d. 1895)
van Dorssen, Willem
van Gent, Jacomijntje (b. 1818)
van Gent, Klaas
van Gerwe, Jan Peter
van Gerwe, Petrus
van Gerwen, Dirk
van Gerwen, Rumolda Maria
van Ginkel, Adriana Antonia
van Gorop, Goyaert
van Gorop, Goyart Goijerts
van Hattum, Jacoba (b. 1815-1816)
van Hattum, Willem
van Hoeven, Barta (b. 1811 - d. 1846)
van Hoeven, Benjamin
van Hoeven, Femmigje
van Hoorn, Wilhelmina
van Hulst, Albert (b. 7 Mar 1915 - d. 29 Aug 1989)
van Hulst, Hildegonde (Gonda)
van Hulst, Jan-Hendrik
van Hulst, Nora
van Hulst, Wilhelm (Wim) (b. 5 Jul 1950 - d. 17 Dec 2004)
van Kekem, Catharina Hendrika
van Mol(L), Hendricus (d. 20 May 1775)
van Mol, Adriana
van Mol, Adrianus (d. 20 Apr 1699)
van Mol, Albertus
van Mol, Albertus Phillip
van Mol, Anna
van Mol, Anna (b. Abt 1603 - d. jung gestorben)
van Mol, Anna (b. Bef 1629)
van Mol, Antonius
van Mol, Christina (b. Abt 1600 - d. 18 Apr 1673)
van Mol, Cornelia
van Mol, Cornelius
van Mol, Egidius (d. 30 Jun 1721)
van Mol, Elisabeth (d. 1677-1678)
van Mol, Embertus
van Mol, Geradus
van Mol, Geradus
van Mol, Geradus (b. Bef 1628 - d. 27 Sep 1693)
van Mol, Godefridus
van Mol, Helena
van Mol, Henrica (d. 1724)
van Mol, Henrica
van Mol, Henrica
van Mol, Henricus
van Mol, Henricus
van Mol, Henricus (b. 1687 - d. 19 Nov 1759)
van Mol, Henricus (b. Abt 1608 - d. 20 Oct 1661)
van Mol, Jacoba
van Mol, Jan Jannssen (b. 22 Oct 1686)
van Mol, Joannes
van Mol, Joannes (d. 29 Mar 1740)
van Mol, Johanna (d. Aft 2 Feb 1679)
van Mol, Johanna
van Mol, Johanna Maria (d. 18 Apr 1742)
van Mol, Johanna Maria
van Mol, Johannes (d. 5 Sep 1720)
van Mol, Johannes (d. 17 Oct 1739)
van Mol, Johannes (d. 19 Aug 1745)
van Mol, Johannes (d. 23 Feb 1780)
van Mol, Johannes
van Mol, Johannes (b. Abt 1595 - d. 19 Nov 1670 oder 25 Feb 1672)
van Mol, Johannes Henricus (b. Abt 1648 - d. 2 Jan 1738)
van Mol, Margarethe
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Maria (d. 9 Nov 1752)
van Mol, Maria
van Mol, Matthias (d. 9 Feb 1705)
van Mol, Matthias (d. 28 Jan 1794)
van Mol, Matthias (d. 13 Nov 1739)
van Mol, Matthias (d. 21 Apr 1742)
van Mol, Matthias (b. Abt 1597 - d. 20 Oct 1661 oder 5 Jan 1673)
van Mol, Michael
van Mol, N.N.
van Mol, Nikola
van Mol, Nikolaus
van Mol, Nikolaus (d. 23 Dec 1748)
van Mol, Petronella
van Mol, Petrus
van Mol, Petrus Mattheus (b. 1697)
van Mol, Phillippus (d. 26 Nov 1779)
van Mol, Sophia (b. Bet 1625 And 1637)
van Mol, Theodorus (d. Abt 30 Jun 1721)
van Mol, Theodorus
van Mol, Theodorus (d. 1720)
van Mol, Theodorus
van Mol, Theodorus (b. 1629)
van Mol, Theodorus (b. Abt 1555 - d. Aft 1609)
van Mol, Wilhelma
van Mol, Wilhelmus (d. 1679)
van Mol, Wilhelmus (d. 13 Apr 1733)
van Mol, Wilhelmus (d. 14 Apr 1790)
van Moll, Adolph (d. 11 Oct 1848)
van Moll, Aloysius (b. 23 Sep 1892 - d. 28 May 1958)

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