Index for first names ning with T (Family Pages)

Individuals marked with a red dot are direct ancestors of Georg Wilhelm Wand
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.


Tania Renee Sieks
Tanya Kay Merriman
Tanya Lynn Daganaar
Tasha Lynn Gotter
Terence Patrick Towns
Teresa Lorraine Engel
Teresa Sloane
Terrie Lee Bluth
Terry Ann Ottaway
Terry James Gotter
Terry Lee Rogers
Terry Lee Rowles
Terry Durham
Terue Davenport
Terue Hayashida
Teuna Klever
Teunis Schouten (b. 1 Feb 1870 - d. 8 Aug 1870)
Teunis Zonnenberg
Teunisje Hendriks Esmeijer
Teuntje Hoeg (b. 1799 - d. 1834)
Teya Durham
Thea Michaelssen
Theila Emmerich (b. 2 Mar 1887)
Thekla Fischer (b. 24 Dec 1856 - d. 8 Nov 1949)
Thekla Sauer (b. 1 May 1873 - d. 19 Aug 1947)
Thekla Wand (b. 19 May 1922 - d. 21 Nov 1959)
Thelma Margaret Bethscheider (b. 11 Jul 1914 - d. 14 Nov 1988)
Theo Karl Emil Wentzke (b. 5 Apr 1924 - d. 26 Oct 2001)
Theo Kampmann
Theo Leineweber
Theo Leineweber
Theodor Hubert Klaes (b. 2 Mar 1892 - d. 2 Feb 1918)
Theodor Joseph Moritz Warnatz (b. 11 Jan 1873)
Theodor Adolphi (b. 23 Oct 1810)
Theodor Courten (d. 21 Feb 1790)
Theodor Courten
Theodor Defayay (d. 12 Oct 1849)
Theodor Defayay (b. 25 Jul 1827 - d. 27 May 1903)
Theodor Defayay (b. 15 Jul 1827)
Theodor Fischer (b. 26 Sep 1867)
Theodor Frings (d. 6 Oct 1746)
Theodor Hebenstreit (b. 1796 - d. 6 Nov 1796)
Theodor Klaes (b. 18 Jun 1846 - d. 17 Jan 1935)
Theodor Klaes
Theodora van Moll (d. 17 Mar 1809)
Theodore Nettekoven (b. 21 Jun 1835 - d. zw. 1900/1910)
Theodorus Henricus Marie Broekman (b. 1872)
Theodorus Johannes van Veenendaal (b. 1870 - d. 30 Oct 1871)
Theodorus Janssen (b. 8 Sep 1711)
Theodorus Smit
Theodorus van de Huijgevoort
Theodorus van Mol (d. Abt 30 Jun 1721)
Theodorus van Mol (b. Abt 1555 - d. Aft 1609)
Theodorus van Mol (b. 1629)
Theodorus van Mol
Theodorus van Mol (d. 1720)
Theodorus van Mol
Theresa Lee Steinbock
Theresa Marie Davenport
Theresa Mary Bethscheider (b. 15 Oct 1881 - d. 4 Aug 1954)
Theresa Mathilda Kellogg (b. 17 Oct 1883)
Theresa Kellner
Therese Ann
Therese Egan
Thérèse Michel (b. 3 Mar 1821)
Theresia Anna Klaes (b. 13 Jun 1860 - d. 7 Mar 1945)
Theresia Maria Emmermann
Theresia Defayay (b. 24 Jul 1839 - d. 24 Dec 1841)
Theresia Detscher (b. 22 Mar 1875)
Theresia Putleck
Theresia Roth (b. 7 Mar 1844)
Theressa Beischel (d. Aug 1856)
Thomas A. Phelan (b. Mar 1845)
Thomas Arnold Barrett
Thomas Carroll Bethscheider
Thomas Charles Smiley
Thomas David Evans
Thomas eugene Engel
Thomas Eugene Scarborough
Thomas Garth Mosser
Thomas Jerome Babcock
Thomas Michael Milone
Thomas Patrick Patera
Thomas Paul Weber
Thomas Terry Davenport
Thomas Wilhelm Gath
Thomas William Schlife
Thomas Broecks
Thomas Frings
Thomas Klees (d. 24 Nov 1752)
Thomas Lentzen
Thomas Mallory
Thomas Ohm
Thomas Phelan
Thomas Rodder
Thorsten Kortmann
Tillmann Hebenstreit (b. 1717)
Timothy Alan Towns
Timothy Patrick Mosser
Tine Bonefaas
Tobias Wentzke
Todd Allan Nelson
Todd Mosser
Tönnesen zum Cleve (d. 10 Jan 1696)
Tony Wilshusen
Tova Cox
Tracy Lee Searcy
Tracy Bethscheider
Trijntje Bartels
Trijntje den Toom
Trijntje Dijkman (b. Abt 1879)
Trijntje Kuijpers (b. 3 Jun 1861)
Trintje Dijkman (b. Abt 1846)
Tyler Alan Shipman
Tyler James Reed

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